TS Records and Zahara in a legal tussle over royalty claims


TS records, possessed by TK Nciza and DJ Sbu, doled out authority letters via web-based networking media asserting they ain’t owing artist, Zahara any dime and asked her to remain off.

Everything began when Zahara let out a telephone number on Instagram, saying she will give the feline a chance to out about her music and issues she has with record names.

“Molweni emzantsi, i’m worn out on lying about me and the business. Like I said i’m not here to be adulated but rather to rouse and recount to my story.. presently i’m prepared to tell the thruth… call me here 065 615 4871 I would prefer not to be a measurement. This record isn’t hecked.. i’m discussing my music and the record names,” She posted.

The star went further to release her substantial heart amid a meeting with Tru FM on Tuesday evening.

Zahara uncovered that she needs her cash from TK Nciza and DJ Sbu from her three collections Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl.

Zahara said that she’s been concealing this mystery for quite a while. Be that as it may, the motivation behind why she’s doing this is she needs to set a case for different specialists. She needs up and coming and current craftsmen to be daring enough to talk up about such issues and to know and comprehend the business that they’re going to get themselves into.

Toward the finish of the meeting, she said they are owing her millions.

Notwithstanding, TS records relax, as they made a lawful move issuing her a stop this instant letter, anticipating her creation “false and disparaging articulations” about the organization to the media on the issue.